Since 1984, Medstar has provided professional on-demand non-emergent transportation services throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Our long-established and well respected service started as door-to-door, which means we escort our passengers to and from our vehicles when the requested destination is reached.
Our operators & drivers are friendly and courteous all-the-while respecting the people they service. They are each trained in First Aid, CPR, Passenger Assistance, and Defensive Driving making them well qualified to care for those who travel under the Medstar name.
Our transportation services include but are not limited to:

  • 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year

  • Individual or a group of passengers, and attendants

  • Contracted Fixed route & ADA Paratransit

  • Medical transportation

  • Stretcher or bariatric

  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles & accommodations

  • Special physical concerns (i.e. Halos, sight impaired, oxygen tanks)

  • Special position requirements (i.e. reclining, extended, etc.)

  • Approved after-hour medicaid clients

  • To and from medical appointments

  • Hospital discharge

  • Transportation disadvantaged programs

  • Sensitive and specialized equipment

  • Event Shuttle


Our Family's Story

Brad Bergener - Owner Picture.jpg

Medstar is a family owned business started by Brad & MaryLynne Bergener in 1984 with just 1 van and Brad as the only driver and MaryLynne working from home. Medstar has grown to become a successful transportation company with over 100 employees.  Before retiring, Brad was instrumental in passing House Bill 1237 which gives patients confined to a stretcher a low-cost option for travel.

Building on the strong foundation built by his parents, son Justin Bergener is taking Medstar into the future. As CEO, Justin has propelled Medstar into the forefront of the transportation industry to provide the most cost efficient, safe and reliable transportation available in the Northwest.

While providing on demand transportation throughout the state 24/7 365 days a year, Medstar runs the Dial A Ride service for the City of Yakima and operates the fixed route as well as the Dial A Ride service for the Cities of Union Gap and Selah.  

The future of Medstar looks bright as we continue our mission to provide safe reliable transportation as well as develop and use technology to connect riders to drivers for the best transportation experience possible!