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We provide full training for each type of service we provide. In addition to on-hands training we provide continued coaching and monitoring of the success of each team member.

Photo by NicoElNino/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by NicoElNino/iStock / Getty Images


Your safety and the safety of your loved ones or patients is our top priority. We put this first and our customers thank us for it everyday.


Transparency and clear communication build trust and speed. This is our key to providing great service to thousands of customers everyday.

The word on the street is…

"Please let Amber know she went above and beyond. She is a great driver!" Everett Client

"Just wanted to say I just booked a trip with Geana at your office. She was very friendly and professional. Please relay my gratitude!!!!"  PFP Broker

"Elias is a very nice driver." - YDAR Client

"This is the best transport company!" - PFP Client

Your driver Daniel R in Everett is very pleasant and an absolute gentleman. - Everett Client

"Me gusta Mark como mi conductor" - PFP Client

"Juan was a very polite driver and his van was very clean." PFP Client

"Dial A Ride drivers are so wonderful. I appreciate all that they do." YDAR Client

Client called to commend Connie for her excellent driving, safe and easy route and helpful

Client called to commend Connie for her excellent driving, safe and easy route and helpful behavior. Everett Client

"Scott B is very respectful, easy going, and is doing a great job!" - YDAR Client

Yakima Transit called us to pass on a compliment they received about Greg. The client stated "It was my first time using the service, and I was so impressed. Greg my driver was so nice and so accommodating."

Natasha Edwards, stated that Dan was an awesome driver, even with her daughters in the back singing away, he was really nice individual. She wanted to let us know how happy she was with her trip.

"Mark was so kind and caring". - PFP Client

"Medstar drivers are so nice and patient. They are heads and toes above the other local services here. '' - Pasco Dialysis

Client called to commend Connie for her excellent driving, safe and easy route and helpful behavior. Everett Client

"Peter was a great driver! He's very polite, kind, and safe. He went out of his way to help me. I am  91 years old, and have a new wheelchair, so his extra help was appreciated greatly!" Everett Client

"We really appreciate Marty's kindness." - PFP Client 

 "Duncan went over and above providing great customer service! He allowed me use his phone to call the facility and he stood by as a courteous driver. I want him to be recognized as an outstanding driver." - YDAR Client

"Victor does a wonderful job in your call center! " PFP Call Center

"Elias is a very good driver and he is always respectful towards everyone." - YDAR Client

"I really appreciated the safe ride" - PFP Client

"Thank you to all the Medstar Ride to Care Drivers. They do an excellent job!"  SNAP

"I really like it when Lloyd picks me up. He really makes the ride enjoyable." UDAR Client

"With Medstar is a much better ride than with others; I thank you." PFP Client

"I really appreciate being able to see my baby in NICU. The drivers are all so nice." PFP Client

 "Sunday, my driver Chad was helpful and very kind. He made sure that I felt safe." YDAR Client

"Mark is a good driver and treated me well" - PFP Client

"Geana was so kind and helpful in getting our Mother to her birthday party after the facility had forgotten to set up the ride." - Family Member

"Your CSR and Dispatch Staff are doing a great job"  Client

"Really appreciated that the driver showed up early knowing that I could not be late for my appointment" - PFP Client

 "Barbara was an excellent driver and made me feel better than any other drivers before." PFP Client

"Medstar is an excellent transportation provider - we never have any issues" - PFP Client

"Lloyd makes my rides so enjoyable" - Client

"Limetta did a great job representing Medstar during our surprise Inspection"  - Hopelink

"I like riding in this vans, they are comfortable and clean." PFP Client

"I felt so safe driving with Ben in the Snow. Thank you." - PFP Rider 

"We really appreciated Yakima Dial A Ride drivers getting our dialysis clients to their appointments on time despite all the snow!" - DaVita Dialysis

"Thank you for all you do" - Selah Dial A Ride Client"

"Samuel provided a wonderful ride and great customer service!" -Seattle Client

"I just wanted to let you guys know about your employee, Barbara. My client and I were driven from Everett to the UW Hospital by her today. She is one of the most professional, caring drivers we have run into through HOPELINK! She went above and beyond and provided excellent customer service! Good job hiring her! Thanks again, Barbara!" 😊 - Seattle Client

Both Stephanie and Elias are very personable and I love talking with them both. They are doing a good job!  YDAR Client

"All your Medstar drivers do such a great job!"  -PFP Client

“Thank you for sending Yakima drivers to help in Seattle last week and this weekend. We appreciate Medstar so much!”  - Hopelink Partner Relations

"I appreciate the ride. Thank you so much, you guys are doing a great job in these conditions" - PFP Client

"Thank you for getting me to my appointment on team, even with all the snow"- PFP Client

"I really enjoy Sandy and Laura as my drivers. They make the ride enjoyable" - YDAR CLIENT

"I always enjoy speaking with Skyler when I call in for my rides" - YDAR CLIENT

A Spokane facility called to let us know how much they appreciate the professionalism of our drivers. Way to go Spokane Team!

Yakima Medstar client let us know how much she appreciates being able to see her baby in NICU.

Yakima Medstar client says he likes all the drivers because they are so nice. "I always have a good experience"

Yakima Medstar client reported "the ride was excellent with Ben. I will call again next month to ride with Medstar to my appointment"

Spokane and Moses Lake Dialysis Centers complimented our drivers stating they were all so great with their clients and represented Medstar in a very positive way!

Sandy from our Yakima team is very patient, took her time and didn't rush with the client.

“Fred was the best driver she I have ever had and he was immensely enjoyable to speak with.” - Seattle

"Sandy goes above and beyond in serving and helping our clients."

Kennewick Dialysis stated "We are so happy Medstar is in the Tri Cities now. Medstar is a lot more dependable and our drivers are great!"

Spokane Dialysis Center stated, "We love your drivers and your office staff is great to work with!"